Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Pride

Deciding on what I was going to wear on my nails for Memorial Day was easy.  My newly acquired bottle of Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Pride was the obvious choice.  Plus it was sitting there, on top of my computer desk, just screaming to be worn.

Pride is described "a patriotic mixture of red, white and blue glitters in various shapes and sizes, topped off with a hearty dose of star shaped glitter."  This is one of seven limited edition glitter shades, from the summer collection, Seven Deadly Sins.  I am proud, not ashamed to say, I have acquired six out of the seven in the collection.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lush Lacquer Party Rockin'

Another newly discovered indie brand I'm just trying for the first time.  I picked up 3 colors from the Lush Lacquer store on Etsy.  Karin and Lexi are the owners of the Lush Lacquer, a mother and daughter "best friend" duo that creates fabulous glitter combination nail polish.  How wonderful is that?!

Party Rockin' immediately caught my eyes as I quickly tore into my package.  I knew it was going to be a winner when I first ordered it, but seeing this in person was beyond amazing.  Just wow!  I could not wait to wear this one.  My mind immediately begin surveying the colors I could pair this with.  So many options and I was at a loss for a color.  But after a couple of days of consideration, I decided to pair it with another newly arrival color.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Essie Shift Power

About a month ago, we took the kids to see the movie, Mirror Mirror.  Julia Roberts stars as the evil Queen, and she had this amazingly beautiful gold nail polish on.  The gold was not overly yellow gold, but paler and softer, almost matte, and yet mirror-like.  Oh gosh, does that even make sense?  While I thought the movie was "meh", I couldn't stop focusing in on the gold nail polish.  It commanded my full attention throughout the movie.  Seriously, I mentally went through every single gold polish I can think of, trying to figure out which one Miss Julia was wearing.  It was a little crazy; I could not stop thinking about it.

I recently participated in a nail polish box exchange.  It just happens I was next in line to received the box of polish.  When I went through all the bottles, I found this gold sitting in there, Essie Shift Power.  This was released in winter 2008 collection, and apparently it's also know as Shifting Power.  I'm not really sure why the two different names.  Not a normal pick for me, but my recent gold obsessed self said "yes, let's give this a try!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orly After Party

I'm a little out of the loop on new releases, so when I saw this Orly color at Ulta, I had no clue which collection this was part of.  I own nothing like this color it in my collection, and it's perfect for my taste, so it came home with me.  Because I love the color so much, I had to put it on immediately.

Orly After Party is a brand new release for summer 2012 color collection called Feel the Vibe.  Whoa, summer collection?  This is not a color that comes to mind for summer.  A quick google search took me to Feel the Vibe promo pictures, and After Party indeed stuck out among all the neons and brights in the collection.  Personally, I think After Party would have been more fitting in the Dark Shadow collection instead.  Regardless, I am very pleased with After Party.