Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Red: Barielle Glammed Out Garnet

Barielle Glammed Out Garnet is from their fall 2009 collection, All Lacquered Up, a collaboration with, of course, Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up.  If you haven't seen the collection, you must.  The collection consists a total of twelve colors.  Yes, that's right, twelve!  And I have to say that although I don't own all of the colors, I do own several, but I really love them all.

Now, back to Glammed Out Garnet...

This is no ordinary red, it's a deep berry red with tons of sparkle.  Did I forget to say gorgeous sparkle?  It's  not glitter sparkle, but little glass-flecks sparkle.

It's a beautiful fall/winter red.  In the shade, the deep red looks to have just a slight touch of brown base to it.

In the sun, the sparkle takes center stage and you can see how the flashes of red and magenta shimmers.

This is a "must-see in person" kind of color.  My pictures do not do the gorgeousness of this color any justice whatsoever.  

Glammed Out Garnet is a beautiful richer variation on the classic red, but with sparkles added.  If you don't have this one, I suggest you pick one up soon.  The Barielle website often have terrific sales and deals, so there's really no excuse for not picking-up this color soon.  I can promise you won't regret getting this one.


  1. I like how the shimmer gives it so much depth. Such a great cold weather red. :)

    1. Hi peach! Thank you & miss you on the other forum!

  2. I love this color! I got it for my mom, and she is addicted to it, too.

  3. This is such a pretty red! Can never have too many!