Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nfu Oh 51 over Zoya Sloane

When I first started getting into nail polish, I was strictly a creme formula girl. I wasn't interested in all the different glitter, shimmer, metallic, duo-chrome and foil finishes. They were all too much for me. And holographic you say? What are you talking about? I dubbed myself as being too old for those. I will leave those to the teenagers and the 20 something young women that can wear and get away with just about anything. So nice to be young. But then I saw a picture a gorgeous posted on a nail forum and I just about died! I couldn't wait and had to get myself a bottle of this beauty.

I waited months before I was able to get her; it was always out-of-stock. But when I finally did get my hands on a bottle, I tucked it away for safe-keeping. Well, I had this beauty sitting in my drawer for well over 6 months now, and I finally took her out last week.

This is Nfu Oh 51 layered over Zoya Sloane:

Zoya Sloane is very pretty on her own, but with Nfu Oh 51 layered over it? It absolutely transforms Sloane into something even more stunning. Look at those flakies, duo-chrome flakies to be exact, suspended in blue-purple jelly base. It's too beautiful words, and I have a hard time not staring at it. I call Nfu Oh 51, a magical polish. This is the polish that got me branching out and doing all sorts of crazy nail things.


  1. That is SOOOO gorgeous!!! And I'm so glad to see you have a blog now!

  2. Thanks for being my 1st follower!!! Keeping my blog a little quiet because I really don't know how long I can keep it going. :)

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! What an amazing combo. And you are not "too old" to wear fun colors!!!!