Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Red: Ulta Professional What a Maroon

I couldn't resist this little beauty when I found it over in the clearance section at Ulta.  Yes, perhaps I have too many reds already.  But quite honestly, it's really hard to resist a great shade of red, especially at a bargain price.  I admit it, I am weak to bargains.  I think that may be my problem too.

What a Maroon definitely is lighter than what the name may suggest.  Not nearly dark enough to be called "maroon", but it is a very beautiful, medium toned red with a slight brown base.  It's a crème that is "jelly-like", with definite transparent quality to it.  I have no idea if the color is part of any collection, but it looks like Waht a Maroon may have been a limited color, or it was discontinued.