Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Red: Julep Demi

Julep Demi arrived at doorstep as part of my December's Julep Maven "Bombshell" Box.  My Julep style profile is actually "Classic with a Twist", but I couldn't resist the richness of the Demi when I saw the preview.  I switched that month and I'm very happy I did.

Elegant burgundy, like fine wine, is how Julep describes Demi.  The color certainly is very elegant, and very reminiscent to that of matured red wine.

Demi actually looks a bit brighter on the nail than I had expected.  Not a bad thing at all because it's a very nice color.  I used 2 coats here and got great coverage.  I could have deepen the color by an additional coat.

But I like it just as it is...  It's not a bright cherry red, and definitely not too dark to be vamp.

I love Julep's crème formula.  They are always so perfect and creamy.  Demi did appear to be slightly thicker, but that was not a bad thing.  Great coverage, which some may get away with only one coat.  And as usual, Julep polish always dries to a glossy shine.  Even for a someone who has one too many red nail polish, Demi was still a welcome addition.