Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection: Metallic 4 Life and Save Me

Nicki Minaj teamed up with OPI and created a collection of new colors, very reflective of rap superstar herself.  The six piece collection colors are inspired by songs from Nicki Minaj:

Did It On 'Em - fluorescent lime green
Fly - neon sky blue
Metallic 4 Life - shimmery gunmetal gray
Pink Friday - iridescent Barbie pink
Save Me - rainbow glitter-infused light blue
Super Bass Shatter - deep plum, shatter polish 

The Nicki Minaj collection is due out early January 2012.  I actually came across the display at a local beauty supply store the day after Christmas.  I'll be quit honest and say that when I first saw the promotional pictures for this collection, I wasn't really excited by it.  Colors were nice, but I didn't feel like they were really my style.  I may be young at heart, but I'm not young enough to pull off these colors.  Once I saw the display, I sort of changed my mind.  I'm all shattered & crackled out, so although the new magenta purple Shatter was pretty, I passed.  The bright colors were very fitting for this collection, but they were just that, a little too bright for me.  Plus, they didn't seem totally unique to me, and somewhat dupe-able.  I did end up grabbing two colors that I found to be interesting and more unique from the collection.

First up is Metal 4 Life.  No secret that I cannot pass on a great black or almost-black nail polish, and this was definitely not passable.  Metal 4 Life is a charcoal/almost-black jelly loaded with varying size of silver round glitters.

Maybe not super unique, but I love the look of this one.  The silver glitter really pops against the black base.  When I see this one, I think of diamonds and black leather.  It's tough looking, but a kind of classy too.  I used 3 coats here, but I think I still had some bald spots.  Next time, I will do a base of black and layer Metal 4 Life over it.

The other color I got was Save Me.  It is metallic silver base with holographic bar glitter.  Yes, that's correct... holographic bar glitter!  Never in the world did I think I would buy bar glitter nail polish.  I passed on Zoya's holiday collection because I felt the bar glitter was just a bit too young for me, and a little arts & crafts.  But I was mesmerized by this one, and just had to have it once I saw it in person.

I used 4 coats here, but I couldn't really get it opaque enough.  Ignore the bald patches and just look at the bar glitter reflecting all the blues from it.  It's really stunning in person; the pictures are not doing this color justice at all.

Then, I decided to layer Save Me over a black crème.  I wanted to see how it would pop against the black, hoping the polish would shine more...

I'm really loving the way it looks over the black.  It would make for a fabulous New Years Eve mani.  This is a fun glitter polish, with a lot of layering options and a perfect party glitter.  Save Me is definitely the star of the collection, so I would say it's a "do not miss".  Can I pull it off?  Well, maybe.  At least I can give it to my 5 year-old daughter if it doesn't work out.


  1. I think you can definitely pull them off! I'm not really a fan of bar glitter, but I think it looks great on you!

  2. Thank you Miss Blue. Bar glitter isn't really my thing either, but this one sort of won me over.