Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow

I'm not too sure about the combination, but I let my 5 year-old daughter pick-out the colors.  Either way you can't really go wrong with beautiful glitter right?   I think I'm having problems getting pass the brightness of the blue base.

The base color is Color Club Cold Metal, a bold and vibrant blue from the Foiled Collection, released this past fall.  The formula was awesome; just one coat will give you full coverage.  It's then topped off with one coat of Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow.  Mercury's Rainbow is a mix of holographic hexagon glitter and silver glitter.  Gorgeous!  You can see it in the bottle how it flashes a rainbow of colors.  It's hard not to stare and marvel at this one. 

Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow is a definite winner.  I'm looking forward to play around with different layering combos with her.