Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cult Nails Spontaneous

After months on hiatus, I'm finally back with a new post in the blog,  The past few months have been extremely busy.  A new demanding position at work, and with kids home during the summer months, left me with very little time for myself.  All work and no play has made me a not-so fun person.  I missed sharing my nail polish obsession, so I hope to be back and posting more regularly.  Now, back to nail business...

While I may have been away from my blog for months, it certainly did not hinder me from acquiring new additions to my collection.  A new brand for me was Cult Nails.  Maria, founder and creator, released a very special collection this past July.  Coco's Untamed Collection was created by Maria's, then not-quite thirteen year-old daughter, Coco.  The collection consists of five beautiful colors.  Being that I am a purple lover, Spontaneous immediately jumped out at me.

Hello purple beauty!  Spontaneous is a smokey deep purple creme filled with bright purple micro-glitter.  The contrast between the muted tone purple, and the vibrant violet glitter, is simply amazing.

While indoors, the deep purple shade is very sultry.  Under direct sunlight, the purple micro-glitter shimmers like crazy!  So beautiful!

Being new to the brand, my first attempt with the application was a bit tricky.  Maybe it was the brush, since I didn't find the formula too be too thick or too thin.  I did feel a bit challenged during my first coat because I could not get it to apply evenly on the nails.  Nothing a second and third coat couldn't fix though.  It did dry to a slightly gritty finish.  Again, easy and nicely fixed with a good top coat like Poshé

I'm loving this color; I am very sure I will be reaching for this color again.

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