Thursday, March 22, 2012

Barielle Misbehaving Mistress

Here'a an oldie that doesn't get much attention.  This is Misbehaving Mistress from Shades by Barielle, a Barielle color line introduced in the fall of 2008, in a collection called Fall Affair.  Notice the bottle design?  It does look a bit dated, right?  The newer Barielle bottles don't have that same bottle design.  I'd say a definite improvement.

Even for an oldie, Misbehaving Mistress was, and still is a very unique color.  It actually stands out and apart from all the other charcoal based colors in my collection.  The polish  name, Misbehaving Mistress... I find it highly amusing.  Not really sure why, but I do.  To me, the color is very fitting to the name.

Misbehaving Mistress is a mix of deep charcoal and brown, with a fair amount of silver shimmer running through.  It has a super glossy finish, so even though I am highly addicted to fast-dry top coat, I went without on this particular mani.

The color has the perfect balance of graphite and brown.  If I had to classify the color, I would say it's definitely more brown based than black.  It's dark on the nails, but does not look near black.  

It just shines in the sunlight.  The marriage of graphite, brown and the silver shimmer, gives off a smooth, almost metallic-like appearance.  Here's a closer look at the beautiful shimmer...

The almost jell-like consistency made it very easy to apply to the nails.  I did find it a tad sheer though.  It was important to wait for the nail to dry completely before adding another coat.  Otherwise, it would be prone to bald spots.  I did experience that on a couple of nails, so the result you see here is 3 coats of polish.

I'm absolutely smitten with this color.  It's so unique and amazing looking that I am willing to over-look the sheerness factor.  This would also make a great layering polish.  I can't wait to play around and experiment.

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