Sunday, March 18, 2012

China Glaze Starboard

Hope everyone had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day.  As usual, I'm late in the game to posting my holiday/celebration themed mani.  I can blame the awful weather we have had all week.  Raining days make for terrible picture taking.   I still gave it a shot because the color was just too pretty not to share.

Gone are the days of sharing a pitcher of green beer with my friends.  What's changed?  Kids and the fact I'm just getting older.  But we still can have fun and celebrate a little right?  Aside from the usual corned beef and cabbage dinner, which was super yummy by the way, I also sported a green mani my kids approved.

Starboard is from China Glaze Anchors Away collection, released in spring of 2011.  This was a green I didn't think I would like when it was first released.  Then about a month ago, I spotted the green bottle in the clearance bin over at Ulta.  Who am I to walk away from a bargain?  I don't own many greens, so this was a easy green pick for me.  Can I just say how glad I got this color?  Wow, I'm loving this green!

You have to excuse the mani since it's actually a couple days old.  Even though it's not a fresh mani, I still had to share.  

This is definitely a true green.  It doesn't lean too yellow, nor does it lean blue.  I have heard it being referred as "grass green".  I have to say I agree.

A crème formula, having a jelly-like quality to it; and it dried to super nice glossy finish.  This was 2 beautiful smooth coats.  I think Starboard has amazing wear-power on me.  I'm on day 3, and I think it's still looking good, though a bit more tip wear is showing.  I can't get over how much I'm loving this color on me.  This is a definite "must" for any green lovers out there.


  1. Great color, I have it and love it, also couldn't believe how flattering it looks on! Perfect for St Partick's ;)

  2. This is such a pretty green! It looks really nice on you :)

  3. This is beautiful! Im so glad I bought this!