Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Impérial 469

I absolutely love this time of the year!  With the cooler temperature and changing colors of leaves, fall is one of my favorite season, along with winter.  This is a time I feel completely justified in reaching for a beautifully dark and vampy color.  Not that I ever stop wearing them in spring and summer, but there's something delicious about wearing dark nail polish in the cooler months.

I wanted something warm and inviting, and Impérial fit the bill perfectly.  I've had Impérial in my collection for close to a year now, I finally reaching for this beautiful color for the first time:

Impérial is a release from the Rouge Allure Laque, winter 2009, collection.  I would call this a decadent color!  It's a gorgeous brown creme with a touch of plum-red undertones.  I say "decadent" because it makes me think of rich milk chocolate, and what girl on this planet does not love chocolates?  I love the creamy one coat formula, but as usual, I'm a two coat gal by habit.  I'm loving this color on my nails; it's perfect with my cozy warm sweater.

Impérial is a discontinued color.  Some counters may still carry a leftover bottle or two; otherwise, eBay is your best bet.


  1. It looks great with your skin tone! Now I'm craving chocolate :P

  2. Thank you! This would be a good craving to give into, no calories. :)