Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Julep Diane

I received Diane as part of the Julep Maven Box for November 2011.  Actually, this was a shelf pull I requested called Polish Lover Option.  Normally, I am sent the Classic with a Twist box.  Even though the box of goodies I would have received was pretty, I really didn't need a new lipgloss.  Plus, being such a nail polish lover, how could I resist adding three beautiful new colors to my collection?

The Polish Lover Option had 3 colors: Diane, Michelle, and Trina.  Stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to try Diane first, a dark forest green:

I have such a difficult time finding a nice looking green for me.  Most of the greens I've worn make my hand look terrible.  Despite my many fail attempts to find the perfect green, I continue my search.  When I first put on Diane, I thought it looked nice enough on me.  But looking at my pictures now, I'm not too convinced this is the right green for me.  However, I still can appreciate the beauty of this one.  It's such a lush looking green; any green lover out there would favor this one.

I found the formula on this particular Julep color to be thinner and a bit runny.  Not that it was a terrible thing, but I had to work really fast, or the polish would drip down and pool on the nail.  Aside from the thin formula, the application was nice and smooth.  Just make sure to get as much as the excess polish off the brush, and work fast!


  1. I think this looks gorgeous on you! Greens can be so tricky though, for me I have to make sure they don't lean yellow, or my hands look strange.

  2. Hi Blu! I like it on you. It's dark enough that it pop against your skin. I'm going to keep your application tips in mind when I try out Diane!