Sunday, November 20, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Do you know how long I've lusted after OPI Merry Midnight?  A long time.  It came out before I got crazy addicted to nail polish.  Once I saw it in a nail blog, it made it to my wish list pretty quickly.  I would stalk eBay, but never willing to pay the insane prices.  So you bet I was ecstatic to hear Orly was coming out with what looks to be a very similar color in their Birds of a Feather collection for fall 2011.  Of course getting my hands on a bottle wasn't very easy.  Multiple failed trips to the nearest Ulta, but then I got lucky and found the display stocked.  I grabbed both bottles (gifted one) and left the store smiling from ear to ear.

Look at that deep purple jelly base, packed full with micro-glitter and beautiful flakies.  Depending at the angle of the light, the flakies will flash red, purple and blue, which I see the most; and sometimes gold and green, which you can see in along the side edge of the bottle in my pictures.  From reading different nail blogs, it seems that Fowl Play has a tab bit deeper base than Merry Midnight, so they are not exact dupes.  I'm not complaining because I still find her to be perfectly beautiful.

I am very happy with this color, and I happily cross off OPI Merry Midnight off my wish list.  But let's be honest here, if I ever do happen to stumble upon a bottle of it while dusty shopping, I still will not hesitate to bring it home.  After all, that's what a collector does.