Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Mistletoe & Comparison

A few weeks ago, I came across a new Revlon display at my local CVS.  It's their holiday collection called Spice It Up, and there are 8 colors for the Top Speed line.  Two colors peaked my interest and came home with me.  Mistletoe was definitely the stand out in the bunch, and I couldn't wait to put it on.

It's a deep charcoal base with gold shimmers, the combination makes the polish appear deep olive green.  I think this is beautiful color, and one that I have a difficult time resisting.  I know a lot of people complain about Revlon's formula, but I've never had any problems with it.  This one applied just fine for me, with 2 coats, it covered nicely.

After I put Mistletoe on, I thought it reminded me of another color I own.  I grabbed my Zoya Edyta and did comparison, and I also added L'Oreal Owl's Night when I was asked about it:

Next to Edyta, Mistletoe looks less green.  Owl's Night looks brown based and more golden.  A couple of other similar colors that came to mind, which I don't own, are Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne and Nubar Verde.  I'm glad to see this is not a dupe in my collection, and am very happy to be adding it.


  1. This looks great on you! The comp is very helpful, thanks!
    On another note, I'm glad to see that you started a blog. Your swatches are always crisp and clear!

  2. Thanks so much Miss Blue! And thanks for being my 2nd follower. :)

  3. Mistletoe looks beautiful on you!!! Cannot wait to try mine!

  4. It's going to look amazing on you Paulina! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.