Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lynnderella Has Landed

Finally!  My very first Lynnderella glitters have arrived!  It took FOREVER to get here, but one of that was Lynn's fault; it was all UPS.

My package was traveling from coast to coast.  After 7 days from when the package gets shipped, I see on UPS tracking that it has landed at my local UPS hub, loaded into the truck and out for delivery.  So I waited, and waited for the UPS truck to arrive.  Nothing.  I checked the tracking again, and this time it says my package is leaving the hub and heading out...  But out to where?  I'm irritated and I text my UPS insider, and asked him what the heck is going on with my package.    He calls me and tells me that they don't know but think the box was recycled, so there may be an old label on it, which got scanned (This however turned out to be totally untrue because Lynn used brand new boxes).

The dispatch sent out an interception for the package, but it was already too late because the package was on the truck leaving the state.  Three days later, the package gets checked in Kansas, and is routed back in my direction.  Another five days and the package arrived at the local UPS hub, and delivery is scheduled.  But guess what?  Again, it's not delivered; it has been intercepted!  Ugh... I text my UPS insider and asked why are they are holding my package hostage.

The next day, I get my goodies.  Everything was intact; the packaging was perfect.  What was UPS doing with my package?  No idea.  I'm just happy they arrived safe and sound.  I present to you my very first Lynnderalls...

Because they are so beautiful and have had such a journey, I think they deserve a couple more...

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