Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Julep Gayle

Regal, deep aubergine.  Sophisticated yet playful.  That is how Julep describes Gayle, a new release from the Holiday 2011 collection.  Well, I have to agree.  Just look at her... a perfect shade of purple that is not leaning too blue, or have too much red...

Gayle is absolutely stunning, right?  The medium eggplant color is really perfect; and so is the Julep crème formula.  It's so smooth, that the color just glides onto the nail.  It dries to a beautiful glossy finish, so a glossy top coat is completely optional.

So aside from being an amazing color, Gayle is also named after a wonderful woman with a huge heart.  I was lucky enough to have "met" the original Gayle on a nail forum.  Her kindness and generous nature is truly amazing, and very contagious.  She is one beautiful woman.

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