Friday, December 9, 2011

OPI Pepe's Purple Passion

It was so excited to see OPI's 2011 holiday collection, inspired by and named, The Muppets.  I grew-up watching The Muppets on television, so to see them making comeback with a movie release (aslo in form of nail polish nonetheless) was definitely a happy trip down memory lane.  What a fun collection this turned out to be.  I was excited to be sharing this collection my little girl, as well as seeing the movie with my kids.

For my first Muppets mani, I went with Pepe's Purple Passion:

I love the name, but it's a little deceiving color-wise.  It's not so much the purple most people would imagine it to be, but more what I would like to call raisin, or a deep burgundy base.  I'm associating "purple passion" with some kind of an alcoholic beverage, so maybe hence the color?

There are flecks of glass in it, which look to be a mix of gold and pink, that sometimes look purple-ish.  It was later in the afternoon, while driving in my car, I saw hints of the deep purple base. The colored glass flecks may have really changed up the appearance of this color during day, and making it look less purple than it really is.

The application was okay, but not fantastic and smooth like their creme formulas.  Partially, the glass flecks probably contributed to the bumpiness.  It did dry pretty fast.  However, the finish was really flat and dull looking, nothing I would have expected from looking at the bottle.  I highly recommend using a super glossy top coat.  I think that's what really saved this polish for me.  With the help of a glossy shine, the glass flecks are more noticeable, which gives the color the oomph it desperately needed.

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